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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Would you like to buy new power tools

Would you like to buy new power tools?For those that are looking for new power tools and don't know where to start to look, then check out what power tools are highlighted to get your DIY jobs done the right way. We will cover what power tools are the best in the fields of performance, durability, and aggression as well as cover the specifications for certain tools.

As I want to talk about mechanical power tools that the licensed mechanics use in their automotive shops and dealerships, their is one tool that comes to mind that turns on a light bulb in my head that most mechanics rely on to change a tire or knock rusty lugs and bolts off an automobile. The tool I want to talk about is the Ingersoll Rand impact wrench, precisely with the most popular impact wrench being the all new Ingersoll Rand 1/2 inch drive 450 torque impact wrench. This impact wrench has an easy 2 piece construction made out of aluminum, great handle grip, variable speed, and performs at over 7,000 RPM's that can zip those lugs off the tires and dominate any workbench job in the line of mechanic work.

When I think about a cordless drive, I think about my grandfathers Dewalt 20 volt hammer-drill that I have seen him use quite a few times like with jobs of drilling out pop rivets, constructing that garage he works out of, and installing a new dead-bolt lock into one of his doors. The Dewalt 20 Volt hammer-drill is reversible, has a hand chuck, runs on a 20 volt 2-lithium ion battery, and averages about 2 hours on the job that is compact for comfort, control, and performance.

As the two examples of power tools that I listed above, those power tools are really the best in their name brands. However, when you go find a retailer that stocks other name brand tools like Harbor Freight, Amazon, or Northern Tool to name a few--think about a few things that you are looking for that would benefit you the most as in durability, reliablity, and power. The reason why you would want to think about these options is because you don't want a certain tool to fall apart, burn out, or stop working all the sudden just because you are saving money on cheap tools.

We will touch up on the retailers in later posts to preview what these retailers have and how good they are based on my observations. For now, I will list the three retailers that I mentioned below as a resource to check out.