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Sunday, March 16, 2014

5 types of home improvement tools on Amazon

5 types of home improvement tools on Amazon? It is not a surprise that we all talk about Amazon as the number one online retailer on the planet that features their homemade Kindle, famous music downloads, home and garden, and.......what about home improvement equipment. Sure, since Amazon is like a Wal-Mart and Home Depot combined--they have to have everything department to get their customers interested.

Amazon is headquartered up in Seattle, Washington as the biggest place to go when it comes to anything that you want to have for your new home, garage, and as a quick pick-me-up for your on-the go mobility that includes i-Pods and cell phones that most wealthy people like to get their hands on since 23 million individuals believe so according to their Facebook page.

To change the subject, I am not wanting to talk about electronics and books that is most of what Amazon is about. I am here to talk about the 5 types of home improvement tools that most individuals like to get from Amazon. Lets get started....

  1. Headlamp or Headlight- It is okay to blind anyone that wants to look into the light, but it is also the best idea to use a headlamp since you may have situation where you maybe looking for your fluorescent fishing line in the dark on the water or possibly walking out in the woods with plenty of risks of stepping in a hole where just holding a regular handheld flashlight might become a hand-full. What a headlamp could be used for could be easy for looking for fallen bolts and screws that you might have lost out in your own grassy lawn. 
  2. Levels-When you are hanging that new Picasso painting on the wall that you got from the art gallery or maybe doing a little bit of framework, you got to believe that the picture or that door-frame has got to look straight and leveled out. The manual I-beam levels are the best since you can get a straight balance than the laser type levels since the laser really can't give you the best readings with your own eyes. 
  3. Vises- There is nothing better but by locking horns with a strong vise that is durable, mobile, and quite handy when it comes to fabrication work since 90% of the work that goes into a vise is with piping and tubing that is more common into what most race car mechanics can use for constructing roll-cages and bracket fabrication (modifying procedures). You can bolt down a vise to your own homemade workbench or tailgate to do any work that you want. There are some vises that do allow you to work at any angle more like a 360 degree angle which is better playing field when moving around task to task.
  4. Rotary Tools-I can remember awhile back that I would have trimming issues that was involved with cutting out wheel wells for my LEXAN radio-control racing bodies that I used for my 1/10th and 1/18th scale R/C racing. What a way to say I learned a tip from an "old" racing pal that he used a Dremel rotary tool with a sanding band type bit that he used to smooth out his wheel wells. He also showed me how to use a rotary tool with smoothing out kingpins so there is no hesitation in spring rebound that was used as a major difference in speed with the 1/18th scale BRP cars that we used to race indoors. 
  5. Tool Organizers-No matter where you go and what you do whether you're fixing a car on the side of the road or working out at a construction on that new office building that is will debut in the next few months, everyone has to have a way to have their tools hand and Charlie on the spot. I've seen most diesel and 4 door pickups have those diamond-plated tool boxes that look good; but, the problem is they can't take that big and heavy box up to 30-story building. If you need a way to access your tools on the spot, use a roll-around tool organizer that you can use to store anything that you have in way of hand-tools, power tools, measuring, and more miscellaneous items that could be useful on the spot. This will help so you don't have to take that elevator down 30 stories 150 times to just get 300 tools every 5 minutes. 
There is plenty more where this came from...Next up, I will discuss Northern Tool and give you my own personal review right here on the All Tools Warehouse Blog. Stay tuned.