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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Are Harbor Freight tools cheap or too cheap

Are Harbor Freight tools cheap or too cheap? The name really defines which retailer we are going to discuss...we are going to talk about Harbor Freight tools and determine if Harbor Freight is cheap or too cheap. As everyone probably already knows, Harbor Freight has been in business since the late 1970's with over 500 stores nationwide in the United States. This company has been good for supplying air tools, generators, and shop equipment mostly since they do get millions of customers.

From my observation with Harbor Freight is by the fact that Harbor Freight offers low prices for their tools and their clearance sales are the biggest that I've seen from other retailers. I've seen clearance items from Harbor Freight go on sale for up to 80 percent off from retail costs...surprised. The fact of the matter is that I've heard that Harbor Freight has quality tools, but some of their equipment comes from China and not Japan where most name brand tool-makers produce their ratchet sets, pliers, hammers, and any other hand tools that most construction and mechanic category workers use.

So the question anyone maybe asking about Harbor Freight is..."If Harbor Freight is bring Chinese made tools over to the U.S., are there still any good name brand tools that Harbor Freight stocks on the shelves?" Believe it or not, Harbor Freight does stock name brands like Pittsburgh, Chicago Electric, and other name brands that are not well known; but, are worth trying out for any typical beginner or novice DIY worker that just needs some tools to fill up the tool bag.

From many individuals that I got answers for Harbor Freight on the Garage Journal forum have had mixed opinions on how good this retailer is when it comes to power tools, hand tools, saws, generators, and more that you can think of to use around the old workshop or garage. Some have said the tools are too fragile, they work out of the box on the first day and break the next day on a downside. From other feedback, some including my own grandfather have talked about finding some great deals like with getting packs of electric tape, hoists, lawn engines, and even racing jacks like the one my grandfather gave to me as a Christmas gift this past Christmas.